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Christian Preambles

A Christian preamble is a way for you to begin your Last Will & Testament or Trust Document with a simple, personal statement of faith. It is a way to proclaim your love of the Lord to your family and friends after you are gone, and provides them with the comfort and reassurance that you are safe in God's promise of eternal life. It can also serve as a witness to others, urging them to trust in Jesus and strengthen their own faith. When used as part of a Will, the document, including the Christian preamble, becomes a public record (through the probate court system), potentially reaching the unchurched and sharing God's promises with them as well.

Included below are some sample phrases for you to create your own personal statement of faith:

  • I want my friends and family to know that Christ's death and resurrection has given my life meaning and makes my death one of peaceful passage into eternal life in heaven.
  • Rejoice with me! My faith was in Jesus Christ, my Savior. I am not dead, I am in my eternal home with my heavenly Father. I have no pain, no sickness, no stress? I am at peace, I am loved, I am happy beyond words. As I join my family and friends who have gone Home before my, know that when our Father calls you home, I will be at the front door of Heaven, alongside our Lord, waiting for you with outstretched arms. What a wondrous reunion day that will be!
  • After this life of joys and sorrows, accomplishments and failures, I now live eternally in heaven with Jesus Christ, my Savior. This is not because I earned it or deserved it, but because Jesus died in my place. I now rest eternally with Him.
  • It is my desire that all who read this know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. He saved me and I now live eternally with Him in heaven.
  • My dear children, may God grant you peace, love, and strength as He guides you through this life. I look forward to being reunited in Heaven as a family again.
  • I commit myself to God's care, secure in His love for me and trusting in the salvation purchased for me through Christ's suffering and death on the cross. I leave those who survive me the comfort of knowing that I have now joined my Lord in eternal glory.
  • I rest in peace knowing that my loved ones are secure in the loving arms of our Lord. I know that He will continue to provide for them in my absence. I encourage them to place their faith and trust in Him alone.
  • Realizing the uncertainty of this life, I place full confidence and trust in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who promised: "I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in Me, though he were dead yet shall he live; and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." John 11:25-26.
  • My heartfelt desire is that each of my loved ones might know the love of Jesus Christ and trust in His amazing grace. In His name only will you know the blessed assurance and the unspeakable joy which have become my inheritance. It is my hope and my prayer that Christ's love will be your most cherished legacy. I thank my heavenly father for His bountiful blessings.
  • I believe that Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, suffered and died for the forgiveness of sins, which we neither deserve nor merit, but receive as a free gift from God, who is rich in grace and mercy. I urge my heirs not to set their hope on uncertain riches, but to take hold of life, indeed abundant life, through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • I leave those who survive me the comfort of knowing that I have now joined my Lord and Savior in heaven, where I will have eternal rest and peace.
  • I pray the Lord would guard and protect you, my children. I urge you to remain faithful to Christ until you are also called home to be with the Lord. I love you and look forward to eternity with you in heaven.
  • I recognize that my earthly possessions are a gift from God. Therefore, I have made provisions to continue my Christian stewardship after I have gone to Heaven to be with the Lord.
  • My children, as you receive gifts from God through me, I pray that you always remember that everything you have is a gift from God. Be good and wise stewards of these blessings.
  • I pray that the Lord would continue to bless my/our grandchildren. May the Holy Spirit guide you along the path to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. I urge you to respect and honor your parents as your parents have respected and honored me/us.